Portugal has seen an increase in tourists by about 12% year on year. Its unmatchable views, stunning historical sights and delicious culinary offerings have made it a hot-spot for tourists.


Ideally situated in Europe, Portugal offers the best of what the continent has to offer; diversity, connectivity to other cities and a burgeoning cultural scene. The mix of neighbourhoods, upcoming restaurants and theatres are attractive for tourists and residents alike. Lisbon also features 90 higher education institutions, two universities and three tech parks.


Picturesquely situated on the western edge of Europe, Lisbon is the continent’s sunniest capital city, boasting an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine a year.

Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes the weather generally pleasurable and the summer bearable, in comparison to other European cities. The ocean also helps to moderate the winter, which makes Lisbon an attractive destination all year round.


In the past 5 years, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal has drastically revamped itself into an urban metropolis.  Global cities benefit from being well-connected with other major cities and Lisbon is the key business centre of the country, as well as a major tourist destination. 

Additionally, Lisbon has witnessed enhancements in the innovation and quality of life surveys. Investment wise, old and new infrastructure, good locations plus the weather make Lisbon very appealing and attractive to foreigners and investors alike.


Google, Mercedes and are all companies gearing to set up in Lisbon, which will further position it as a Tech hub. Also, the entrepreneurial network in Lisbon is gaining strength, with incubators such as Startup Lisboa, Labs Lisboa, Inovisa and Tec Labs and accelerators such as EIT InnoEnergy and BGI. 

Additionally, the Portuguese government has also set up a €200m venture capital fund aimed at strengthening foreign investment in start-ups.


Today Portugal can boast of about 68,732 km (42,708 mi) of roads in its network, 44 of which are highways stretching across 3,000 km (1,864 miles). Portugal’s national rail network is administered by Comboios de Portugal and connects most of the country’s main cities.


Investment or a future home:
The Golden Visa makes it all possible

In addition to this, non-EU investors are eligible for the Golden Visa Program, which allows free movement within the Schengen area with an investment of €500,000.

There is a plethora of advantages of the Programme for non-EU investors, allowing them, and their families, to freely travel, work, live and study in all Schengen countries. The Golden Visa enables investors to extend the application to direct family members, with no further investment requirements.

The reduced minimum-stay obligations within the country – only seven days on average per year – is another significant advantage for those not willing to relocate at the moment. The programme is also a fast track to reach citizenship since after five years investors have the right to apply for the Portuguese passport.

This, in itself, is an excellent reason for individuals to buy properly in Portugal.